Emirates Hospitals Group

Emirates Hospitals Group

nanoM is an Emirates Healthcare company, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE.

Emirates Healthcare commands a strong local presence across the UAE, wider GCC region and Europe, and boasts a network that spans across the Emirates. Since its establishment in 1998, The Group has also expanded its regional reach into neighbouring Kuwait, Qatar and Oman as well as venturing west into the United States of America.

The Group has built and developed an unrivalled reputation as a premier healthcare provider, offering the highest standard of healthcare service to its customers.

Emirates Healthcare companies include Emirates Hospitals, Cosmesurge, Quality Life Medical Center, Emirates Rehab and Homecare Center. The Group offers a wide range of specialist services, from cosmetic and plastic surgery and orthopaedic treatment, through to obesity management.

The Group’s clinics and practices, meanwhile, are equipped to provide international patients with the very best medical tourism packages, which include not only medical treatments but also wider services such as accommodation, transfers, visa arrangements and tourism activities.

Emirates Healthcare is proud to welcome nanoM as its newest company.



Excelicare is a leading health tech company with offices in both the US and the UK.

Excelicare creates unique, open-cloud based healthcare platforms, which harmonise and personalise care delivery. At the core of Excelicare’s operation is a commitment to accelerating the shift towards patient-centric, value-based care.

Built upon 15 years of development and implementation in clinical settings, Excelicare’s platforms facilitate all aspects of health management, including data aggregation, risk stratification, care coordination and reporting.

Excelicare’s mobile app empowers patients by enabling them to access their complete health history. The app can be integrated with customers’ health and fitness trackers, allowing them to manage both their health conditions and their activity through timely alerts, customisable assessments and educations materials. The unique app also enables users to create personalised communities of care to assist them in adhering to their healthcare and wellness plans.

Excelicare is medical software provider to nanoM.

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